Iraqi Parliament: Disputes over the AbdulMahdi Cabinet completion

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Iraqi News 2018/12/24 16:45 229

Baghdad: The head of Sdreist politburo, Nassar AL Rubaie, reveled about three main obstacle blocking the political agreement to complete AbdulMahdi cabinet.

Al Rubaie said on Monday, that there is wide refusal to the nominee to the minister of education post.

Later, the parliament vote for Shaymaa Khlil( 44 y. woman of Mosul, with Ph,Din education) to be The new Minister of Education, narrowing the vacant post in AbdulMahdi cabinet.

Al Rubaie added:” The dismissive blocks to the nominees left the session, and the Speaker of the Parliament mohammed Al halbousi held a meeting to the heads of political blocks following the consequences. And they still looking forward to the last minute’s agreement.

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